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By: Shawn Redman


Decisions is a choose your own adventure series which allows you to pick the path of the story you want to read. The first story is called "Killers" which has 3 main characters: Matthew Mendez,

Madison Valentines, and Vince Robertson. Each Wednesday a new part of the story will come out with a choice of how you want the story to go.  Enjoy.

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Part 1

Reveal the Decisions

My name is Matthew Mendez and I think my girlfriend might be a serial killer. As I stand in front of a pink door to her bedroom, I can not believe I am entertaining the idea of this. I take a breath and enter the room. The room as always is clean only having 2 dressers, a queen size bed, and a small desk next to the bed with a 13 inch Mac on it. I check back out the door to see where Madison is , I can hear she is still in the shower. I close the door and pull out my phone to check it. I open an email from yesterday and start to read it.






Subject: She’s a killer


Hello Mr. Mendez, you don’t know me and I do not wish to reveal my identity to you for safety reasons but I feel you are in danger. You see Mr. Mendez I have reason to believe that your girlfriend Madison Valentines is the serial killer called The Cupid Butcher. I have been following this killer for close to two years and have learned track them to this city. I’m actually sending this message to confirm it is her as well as warn you that you might be her next victim. If she is the killer in her possessions should be a small red leather book. If you do find it I do advise you contact me immediately. I do realize you have no reason to believe or trust me but if you choose not to contact me still do be cautions around her.



 At First I thought this was a joke by one of my friends but when I asked them they knew nothing about it. I wanted to ask her about it but then I thought what if this email was real. How would she react? Would she kill me? I wasn’t sure what to do. Madison or Maddie what I call her for short, her and I have been dating for around 7 months. She is kind, my intellectual equal hell even superior, and the most alluring woman I have been with ever. She is also a gamer, not the gamer girl that pose with the controller but the head shot in Overwatch type gamer girl. She is amazing in every sense of the word.


So to picture this girl as a killer, especially one as brutal as the Cupid Butcher was impossible. You see the Cupid Butcher is a recent serial killer that for the pass has murdered and chopped up their victims. And leaves a heart shape carving somewhere in the victim’s skin which is how they earn the name. I am positive it is not Maddie still it could not hurt to look around to put my worries to rest. I start to snoop around the room looking for this red leather book. I check the dressers first to find nothing but clothes and underwear. I go over to the table and look through the draws that also find nothing. I continue to look around the room and still do not find the book. I was relieved that the book wasn’t here as I sit on the bed. I notice a small piece of the floor look like it had been cut. I got down and notice the square cut out in the floor underneath the bed. I open it and felt a sense of dread as I see not only the red leather book but also a gun.


I took both items and put them on the bed as I’m not sure what to think now. I crack open the door to the room to hear Maddie still in the shower. I head back to the bed pick up the book and take a deep breath. I open it and I could not be prepared for what I was seeing. I flip through the notebook seeing Polaroids of men’s severed heads and other body parts. Not only that there are pages filled with names, but majority of them are also cross out. I realize some of the victims in the pictures have heart shapes carve into their limbs. That is the nail in the coffin this is the butcher's book and my girlfriend is the killer. Examining the pages with the names more how so many were cross out which probably meant they were dead.


As I got to the last page my heart drop, my name with a heart drawn around it and a date underneath i. -Matthew Mendez February 14 the final heart xoxo-. I hear the shower stop and immediately think I am in trouble.


































Choice 1

He waits for her to leave the shower and confronts her.

Choice 2

He puts the book and the gun back, leaves her apartment and emails the back the mysterious sender.

Choice 3

He takes the book and heads towards the police station.

What will Matthew do?

You decide

Choose to read the next 

part of the 



My Decision to meet

Choice 1

Madison enters the room in just her towel. "Hey sorry I took so long in the shower I just really needed one," she said. "So what's up, babe?" I hold up the red book and her face expression turn grim.


"What is this?" I ask. I have a million questions but this is the only one I can get out. She looks nervous while trying to choose her next words. This atmosphere is the most tense we have ever been around each other. Silent as we look at each other hoping the other to move or say anything. Then after 5 minutes, she breaks the silence.


"How did you find that book?" She asks. I thought I should not answer until I get the answer to my question. Although it looks like she will avoid my questions if I did not.


" I receive an email yesterday telling me to find this book," I said as I pull out my phone to show the email. She now looks shook at my response. I pull one of the Polaroid full the book and reveal it to her. "It said if I found this book it meant that you were the Cupid Butcher." She walks toward me and I take a huge step back which seem to surprise her.


“Trust me, Matt that book isn’t what you think I can explain just not right,” she said.


“Then at least tell me why my name is on the last page of the book?” I ask.


“ Matt, you know me and that I would never hurt you,” she replies. I got annoyed that this is going nowhere.


“If that is the case I’ll take this to the police then,” I said. I notice she glance at the bed. I look to see the gun that I left there like an idiot. I rush for it but she got to it first. Now she is pointing the gun at me.


“Matt, I’m sorry,” she said. Once again I’m in trouble.

Anchor 1

Choice 4

Matt tries to

take the gun

from Maddie.

Choice 5

Matt tries

to escape the


Choice 6

Matt tries to

talk to


-To Be Continued-

Next Week


Choice 2

I put the book back in the little compartment under the bed but decide to take the gun. I exit the room and close the door as I hope she did not hear it. I try my best to make sure she does not hear me as I exit her apartment. Once out I run like a bat out of hell down the flight of stairs. As I get out the apartment building, I take a moment to catch my breath. I pull out my phone and email back the mystery sender V.


- I found the red leather book now what?-


As I start to walk my phone buzz and it is another email from V. I wait till I get to the crosswalk to open it.


-I’m glad you contact me. For the next step, we should meet in person. Can you meet me at Saint Carroll Avenue by the Liberty Park south entrance in 30 minutes? You can also invite a friend if you like to feel safer.  V-


-No, I’ll come alone.-


I know it is stupid to go alone but I don’t know what I am getting myself into and risk my friends being in danger as well. Besides, I still have the gun if I get into trouble. I get on the train and arrive at Saint Carroll Avenue. I stand a the park entrance realizing how creepy the park looks at night. As I wait for 15 minutes a man walks up to me.


“You are here early,” the man said. He is a black male tall with a muscular frame and his hair a fandango pink fohawk. He is wearing a gray suit with a long black shawl wrap around his neck and shoulders.


“Are you V?” I ask.


“ Yes I am but you address me as Vince. Now follow me,” said Vince as he walks into the park like he is on a runway and I follow behind a little curious about this person. “ You are probably wondering why we are here, Mr. Mendez.” Vince continues as we walk toward the trees. I grip the gun hiding in my pocket in case I need it.


“ Thought it was because my girlfriend is a serial killer?” I ask still following. He stops and crouch behind a tree then signal me to do the same. I crouch and try to see what he is looking at. There seems to be another man hiding behind some bushes. The man is a slim build and messy dirty blonde hair in a black t-shirt with some gray jeans.


“You see your girlfriend is not the only criminal I am pursuing at this moment,” he said. It seems like the man in the bushes is watching something as well. “Let us say hello shall we.” He crouch walk to the man so fast that I did not even have a chance to say anything. He pulls out a knife and put it to the man’s neck.


“Who the hell are you?” the man said. I slowly walk over to them and as got closer I see on the other side of bushes is a woman and her small little dog. She is picking up her dog’s poop unaware of us in the bushes.


“Be quiet or I’ll slit your neck,” Vince said. I am starting to realize I might be in over my head as I put my finger around the trigger on the gun in my pocket. The woman and her dog are walking away now. As soon as they are out of sight I turn my attention back to Vince and the man.


“Jerry Conway you are a disgusting man,” Vince said.


“How do you know me? Who the hell are you ?” Jerry said.


“ You see Mr. Conway I have been aware of your late night actives. Attacking woman at night and then using daddy’s money to bail yourself out of trouble.” Vince said as he presses the knife against Jerry's throat.


“Look if it is money you want I can get you it no price too great trust me,” Jerry said frantically as his eyes are starting to tear up. “Whatever you want just please let me go.”


Vince stays quiet for a second before letting out a heavy sigh.  


“What I want is justice, Mr.Conway,” Vince said as he final slit Jerry’s throat in a flash. Blood squirt from his neck onto my now shock face. Jerry grabs his neck just as fast as the knife left it. He falls to the ground and starts to crawl towards me as he asks for help in a wheezing voice. Terrify I back away to trip over a stone behind me I hit the ground hard. Jerry body drop to his side as the blood seep through his finger and the life left his eyes.


Vince pulls out a handkerchief to wipe the knife of blood. “I do apologise for that scene but now we can talk,” Vince said as he put the knife into his suit. Now I realize I went from one killer to another.

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Choice 7




Choice 8

Matt ask


about the

man he just 


Choice 9



his gun



-To Be Continued-

Next Week


Choice 3

I grab a backpack to place the book and gun in. I silently left the apartment with the backpack heading towards the police station. I decide to send an email to the mysterious sender V since I probably would be dead if I did not receive that email.


- I found the book with pictures of her victims and a gun. I’m taking them to the police. Just wanted to thank you because I might be dead if you didn’t send that email.-


I continue down the street as my phone buzz to see a new email notification. I open it as I can see the police station is close by.


- Mr. Mendez, I strongly advise against that. If you bring the book to me I guarantee she will be bought to justice.-


What the hell is this guy saying, I reply to the email as I stop in front of the station.


- I’m sorry I don’t know you and I don’t think I can trust you. I feel like the police are best people to leave this with.-


I sigh as I look at the station. Now not sure if I should turn in my girlfriend now but I know it is the right thing to do and I will be an idiot not to do so as well. I receive another email from V.


-Do as you wish but if you find yourself in trouble you can text this number. Xxx-xxxx-


I look confused not sure what he meant by trouble but I close the email and went into the police station. I walk up to the receptionist and told her I have information on the Cupid Butcher. She told me to take a seat as she will call a detective. I pull the book out of the backpack as a tall man in a gray suit and black collar shirt walks up to me.


“Hi, are you the one who has the information on the Cupid Butcher?” the man said as he his hand was stretch out towards me.


“Yes, I am,” I said as I shake his hand.


“ My name is Detective Christian Shan I am in charge of the Cupid Butcher investigation. Please follow me,” he said as walk, I follow close behind. He leads me to an interrogation room like the ones you see in TV show or movies. There was a steel table, two steel chairs, and reflective window. The detective pulls out one of the chairs and offers me the seat. I sit in the chair as I put the backpack on the ground next to me. The detective takes the seat across from me as I hand him the book.


“What is this ?” the detective asks as he opens the book.


“The Cupid Butcher’s book of victims,” I reply. I explain everything from the email to finding the book and gun in my girlfriend apartment. He asks me about the gun, I pause for a second thinking about V last email and told the detective I left it at the apartment. He glances at me but went back to examining the book.


“Well some of the names do match some of the victims we have found.” the detective said as he closes the book and slid the book to the side. “Which is a damn shame you seem like a nice kid.” The detective pulls out a gun and points it in my direction.


“What?” I ask as I stare down the barrel of the gun.


“Yeah, I think I have to kill you,” the detective reply. I wonder how my life got this weird after today.

Anchor 3

Choice 10


begs for

his life

Choice 11


text for


Choice 12

Matt pulls

the gun out of

his bag

-To Be Continued-

Next Week

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