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10/24/2018 Story: End of An Era

story end of an era


He had the urge to clear the ground, to look out and see nothing in the way of his future. He couldn't have the past destroy the love he worked to build with her. These were the thoughts that made his nights restless as he stared at his phone's black screen. He sat up in the bed and placed the phone on the nightstand next to the bed. The woman in the bed next to him began to tossed and turned. He leaned over and kiss her cheek and she started to calm down.


He got out of bed and snuck out of the bedroom. Outside the door laid a Labrador retriever that seemed to have been running in the dream. He stepped over it to not disturb its peaceful slumber. He made his way down the stairs and into a room that appeared to be an office. He turned on a table lamp on a huge oak deck covered in papers and went into a draw in the desk. He pulled out a small red box with a black power symbol on it, almost the size of an engagement ring box.


He sat down in a large comfy chair behind the desk. He stared at the box with a great uneasiness as he held in his hand. He went back into the draw he had got the box from and pulled out an old newspaper article. The title of the article read the "End of an Era: Heroes lose the final battle" There was a knock at the door. He looked up to see her stare at him with concern. " Please tell me you are not considering going back out there?" She said.


He placed the box on the oak desk and sighed. "Of course not. I never want to endanger us like that again," he said as he gestured her to come to him. She walked to him and sat in his lap as she leaned her head on his shoulder. "We lost that day. We lost a lot of good people. And now I'm one of the last few remaining."


She kissed him and then picked up the box. "Everyday you went out I was afraid you never come back," she said while she opens the draws to the desk and placed the box in it. "That time in your life is over." He continued to stare at the article, the picture at top of it was of a  man in a blue and white costume with a hole in his chest.


Ultimatan was the best hero of us all he didn’t deserve to die like that and I couldn’t do anything to save him.”, He said. She took the article from his hand and placed it on the desk. She kissed him then got up from his lap then headed to the door. She stops at the doorway and sighed then turned to face him.


“I always felt selfish every time asked you not to go out there. No matter what you always went because you knew you had too.”, she said. “ I know you, and I know you did everything you could to save him. So please stop blaming yourself.” She held out her hand in his direction. “Come to bed.”


He smiled at her knowing she was right. How long has he been blaming for Ulimatan death, for the death of his friends and other heroes? He got up from the chair at the desk and turned off the lamp. When he noticed a few shadowy figures outside the window. “Oh crap,” he said as he jumped over the desk and tackled her to the ground. A hail of bullets started to burst through the office as it destroyed almost everything. He covered her with his body as debris and shells flew across the room. He barely heard her screams over the roaring sound of bullets that had destroyed his office.


The firing had stopped as she continued to scream. He placed his hand on her mouth and looked through the window to see them reload. “ Run to the bathroom and hide in the tub until I come to get you,” he said. She nodded as made a dash for the bathroom. As he heard them reload he ran to his desk destroyed from the shots earlier and pulled the small box out of the draw.


“Shit, I think I see someone,” one of the men from outside said. He opened the box to reveal a black pill as he heard them clocked their guns. He swallowed the pill the immediately. The second round of bullets filled the room and stuck him as he fell to the floor. One of the men of the shattered the window and crawled through it. He was in full swat gear with a gun that seemed to be a mk47. Three other men also in swat gear came in after him. The first man that came in walked toward him on the floor.


He turned the body over to holes in the clothes but no blood. “What the fuck?”, The man said as he examined him. He opened his eyes as they glowed a light blue. The man got spooked as his teammates pointed their guns at him. He released a burst of energy that knocked back all the man. He got up and walked toward the man.


“Why as you here,” He asked.


“We were sent to find the EX-Hero Pulse,” the man said


“Well, you found him.”

story Santa is Satan

12/26/2018 Story: Santa is Satan prelude

by: Shawn Redman


So when do you think we stop believing in Santa Claus? Is it when we reach a certain age or when someone told you he is not real. For me I never stopped believing in Santa Claus. Especially after he kidnapped my twin brother 30 years ago.


 My brother and I were 9 in our room the night before Christmas and I was in bed trying to get some sleep. My older brother unfortunately was not interested in rest that night. As he watched outside the window for Santa’s sleigh.


“When do you think he is coming, Andre?” He asked as he stared out the window. I was exhausted and wanted to sleep.    


“ He won’t come if you don’t sleep, Trey” I replied as I hoped this be the end of it.


“ I can’t sleep until I see his sleigh.” he said as he started to jump up and down at the window. “ You think he’ll bring the NES or Hot wheels we asked him for?”


“Trey, remember what dad said if we don’t go to sleep Santa will only bring us coal,” I said.


Fine.” he said as he got back in his bed and I was thankful for finally being able to sleep. I  don’t remember what time it was but I remember I heard some noises from downstairs. I sat up in bed to see Trey heading out of our room.


“Trey, what are you doing?” I asked


“Andre, I think Santa is here,” Trey said with a smile as he leaved the room and closed the door.


“Trey,Trey,” I whispered. I was not sure what to do. I mean it could have been my parents or maybe it was Santa. As my young mind wondered what to do I heard Trey scream from downstairs. I immediately jumped out of my bed and ran to my bedroom door. I stopped as I heard bells rang just outside in the hallway. I looked through the keyhole of my bedroom door and saw a tall figure coming from the direction of my parent’s room. Heading to the stairs the figure looked hunched but still had to be over 7 feet. I could not make out any of it’s features because of how dark it was in the hallway. With every step it took I could hear hooves followed by sound of bells . The sound of the bell sounded like the low wails of children. The sound ceased as I could see the figure stopped at the stairs. I was not sure but it looked like it stared in my direction with what looked like glowing yellow eyes. After a minute someone shouted from downstairs and the shadowy figure headed down.


I opened the door and creep through the dark toward my parent’s room. As I got to the door their was a faint light green glow around the door frame. I tried to open the door to my parent’s room but no matter how hard I pushed it would not open. I leaned on the door as I tried to think of what to do next. Then a scream broke my thought, Trey’s scream.


I sneaked into the bathroom got the toilet plunger to use as a weapon. I walked down the stairs as I can hear there are a few others in our living room. When I got to the bottom of the stairs and crouched down near a wall next to the living room to peek in. I could not believed what I saw. Santa Claus held my brother in the air from his neck. As gremlin like creatures dressed in green little santa suits dance around his feet. This Santa had to be 7 feet tall, in a dull red suit and parts of his suit that should have been white were black as coal. He also had large candy cane colored horns that curled around his head.


“You are quite the naughty one for being up so late,” Santa said as his grip on my brother’s neck tighten. Tears formed in Trey’s eyes as he struggled to breath while he clawed at Santa’s hand to get free. “ Treyvon Johnson, how would you like to become one of my elves?” He continued as he pointed at the gremlin creatures now with evil grins on their faces. Trey looked terrified as he writhed in Santa’s grasp. His eyes darted around the room until they spotted me. As he stretched out his hand in my direction as a plead for help. “Ho ho ho is someone there?” Santa said as the elves stopped their dance and glance to where I hid. I tucked behind the wall as I prayed they did not spot me.


I heard the little footsteps of the elves as they came towards me. I heard my heart race as I gripped the plunger tighter prepared to fight. “ There is no one there,” said a creaky old voice as the sound of hooves walk on the hard wood floor. The elves stop in their tracks and hissed at the person. “ I put the parents under a sleep spell and a charm over the door they couldn’t leave their room even if they did wake up.” As they pass the entrance of the living room they blocked out most of the light that came from the room. I turned my head to see this person was much taller and bigger than Santa as they almost reached the ceiling . The figure was in a black robe with the hood over his head with two giant black horns came from under it. A large hump on his back covered in chains that had black iron bells hang from them. As large black hooves peeked from under the robe. The figure stopped at a table were my family placed cookies and milk for Santa. He picked up a cookie with its bony black hand and bit it.  


“Ah Krampus, you wouldn’t be lying to me would you?” Santa said as he turned around to face Krampus. I saw red liquid dripped from his candy cane horns which I’m sure was blood. Krampus picked up another cookie and dunked it in the glass of milk.


“And what do I gain from that, Claus?” Krampus replied as he took a bite out of the cookie. Santa dropped my brother and the elves attacked him immediately. Santa chanted and then gold chains coiled around Krampus body as he dropped to the floor on his knees. Krampus let out a vicious roar that seemed to shook the house. The elves petrified by the roar as they stared at the bound Krampus. I thought this was my chance to save Trey, just dash and swat the elves off him. Then we could go to a neighbor to call for help but I could not move. No matter how hard I tried my body felt frozen.


As Santa walked to up to Krampus and placed a hand on his shoulders, he grunted in pain. “ Remember I own you, beast. So if you try anything to take my throne I’ll banish you again. Are we clear?” Santa said as his grasp on Krampus grew tighter.


“Crystal,”Krampus muffled as he seemed to be in pure agony. Santa sighed and signaled the elves to bring him something. The elves ran across the room and brought a enormous red bag to Santa. He released Krampus and the gold chains on his body vanished as well. Santa snatched my brother in his other hand. He opened the bag which had other children inside that looked tired and scared. He placed my brother in the bag and as I looked into my brother’s tearful eyes, fear was all I could see as the bag close.


“Let’s go, there are still more to collect,” Santa said his horns started to disappear. Then transformed into the classic looking Santa. He threw a piece of coal into our chimney then said a chant. The elves dragged the red bag into the chimney as a green flame engulfed them and they vanished. Santa went next into the chimney as he also disappeared in the green flame. As Krampus started to approach the chimney he stopped and took one the bells off his back and placed it on the floor.


“ Boy,”Krampus said as all the lights in the living room turned off and a cold winter breeze swept through the house. “Remember what you have seen this night. For if you wish to save your brother find the bell and rang it 12 times.” He turned his head to face me but all I could see in the darkness underneath his hood was glowing yellow eyes. He rolled the bell toward me. When it finally got to me he entered the chimney as the green flames engulfed him and he too vanished.


I dropped the plunge and ran to my parents room told them what happened. My mother called the police as my father went around the neighborhood to search for my brother. The police arrived a short time later and I told them what happened. They thought I was delirious because of the situation. So they searched for some hobo in a santa suit took my brother. They searched for a week but never found him. Not to say many officers were interested to search for missing black kids in the late 80’s . My parents were devastated to the point it effected their marriage. My mother took me to therapy because she believed I made up this story to cope with that night. As much as I told people what happened that night no believe, they thought it was the trauma and my imagine. So I stopped telling people and just said my brother got kidnapped by a hobo Santa Claus. I know it was real because I have Krampus bell to remind me it was real. And one day I’ll find Santa and Krampus and kill both of them to avenge Trey.   

1/16/2019 Story: Laura: 500-word story challenge

story laura

by: Shawn Redman


Laura woke up at the side of the road with a sharp pain in her side hip. She stood up as she tried to recall what had happened. She remembered driving with her two daughters as they were rammed from the side by another car and sent off the road. Unfortunately, she didn’t remember anything after that. She shouted her daughters’ names as she continued to search down the road. Flashing red and blue lights came from behind her. She turned to see police and ambulance vehicles down the road. Laura tried to wave them down but they drove past her. Laura confused to why they passed her. She followed them as they stopped by a group of around a ditch. There were two cars flipped over in the ditch on side of the road. As Laura got closer the pain in her side intensified. She realized that one was her car and could see her daughters cried next to a body on the ground. Laura called out to them but they didn’t notice her. She tried again but the girls did not respond. She pushed through the crowd as the medics ran to help the body on the ground. Laura finally got to their her tearful daughters as she could finally see the body on the ground. It was her body that laid there lifeless with a piece of metal stuck out of the side. Laura tried to get her daughters attention but they stayed focus on their mother’s body as the medics tend to her. Laura felt a chill as she glanced at the crowded and noticed one individual stared at her. A skinny pale man in a dusty black suit and large black top hat stared at her with pitch black eyes. The man walked toward her as a black fog started to engulf the surrounding area. Laura's eyes teared up as she looked at medics that have declared her dead at the scene. Her daughters scream no as they hug each other. The tears finally fell from Laura’s eyes as the man now stood face to face with her. The black fog now completely engulfed everything except for Laura, the man, and her girls. The man held out his hand toward Laura. Laura hesitated as she knew what it would mean to take his hand. She looked at her girls again as they mourned over her body. Laura faces the man as if to plead with him to give her more time. The man shook his and then extended his hand. Laura went over to her daughters and kissed both on their cheeks. She went back to the man and looked at her girls one last time as the fog now covered them. She grabbed the man’s hand as two large black wings sprouted from his back. The man covered both him and Laura under his wings as they faded into the darkness.  

story monster

1/23/2019 Story: The Monster

by: Shawn Redman


“Dad!” Tommy shouted from his bedroom down the hall. This was the sixth night this week and Greg was too tired for this. As he got out of the bed begrudgingly to slip into his slippers.  Greg made his way out of his room into the dark hallway that was colder than usual. He does not even turn the light anymore because of how many times he had done this. As he got to Tommy’s door, the screams stooped but there was also another sound. It sounded like someone dragged a sharp object across the wooden floor. Greg knocked on the door and the sound ceased. Greg opened the door to the bedroom to see the boy shiver under his sheets. Tommy peeked his head to see Greg.

“What is it, Tommy?” Greg asked.

“ The monster is backed,” Tommy sobbed as he pointed to the closet. Greg turned to see the closet had been cracked open. Greg sighed as went and sat on the bed next to Tommy.

“We talked about this there are no such things as monsters, okay?’ Greg said as he wiped the boy's tears. 

“But dad-” Tommy started but cut off by Greg.

“Trust me okay,” Greg replied. Tommy hugged his father tight. “Okay now go get something to drink then come back to bed.” Tommy got out of the bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen. As Greg sat alone in the room the closet creaked open further. Greg immediately turned to the closet that was pitch black. He got up and walked cautiously toward the closet. Greg was an inch away when a large bony gray hand with sharp yellow nails reached out and grabbed him by his neck. The hand brought him closer as glowing red eyes glared at Greg from the darkness of the closet. 

“I..want….the boy,” the monster said. The monster dropped Greg and he caught his breath. Greg stood back up as he rubbed his neck.

“We made an agreement when he turns 10 you can have him,” Greg said. The monster snarled at him as Greg backed away a little. “We have a deal,” Greg whispered.

“ Fine…then... give me…a finger.” the monster said. Greg hesitantly looked at his right hand that had already been missing 2 fingers. He let out a deep sigh and put his shaky right hand into the darkness of the closet. A chomp echoed in the room as he jerked back his hand now missing his pointer finger. He wrapped his shirt around his finger to stop the blood. 

“One more day. So please don’t visit until then,” Greg said. As the noise of the monster chewing stopped. The closet door closed and the monster said “Fine.” Greg started to sniveled. 

“ Dad, do you want a glass of milk too?” Tommy shouted from the kitchen. Greg wiped his tears from his face and cleared his throat.

“ Sure Buddy,” Greg replied as he stared at Tommy’s Calendar.  Tomorrow's date had been circled with -My tenth birthday- written inside.     

story hope

1/30/2019 Story: Hope

by: Shawn Redman


Have you ever heard of Pandora’s Box? It is said that the box had contained great evils but at the bottom of the box was hope. Many people are usually confused about why hope was in a box full of such evils. You see the answer is simple- hope can be the greatest evil of all. I know how can hope of all things be evil but you see hope is dangerous. Hope can be the great motivation in our darkest hours, the light that gets us out of the tunnel and back on our feet. Unfortunately we can stare at the light for too long that we can blind ourselves to the truth. Deceive ourselves to believe something could happen with hope. Like the girl you have a crush on will like you even though you never talked to her or try too . Maybe you’ll hope to be successful even though you’ve never put in the work. Then you could be like me hoping the monster that killed your best friend doesn’t find you. Hope that you can reach your car from the campsite and outrun the creature or hope that someone comes to save you. I could of hope my phone is charge but it is not. As I hear the crushing of my friend skull the footsteps of the monster grow closer to my tent. I hope dying is not painful. 

poem A letter for you

2/13/2019 Story: A Letter for You

by: Rashawn Love


Some say you are a troublemaker. Others say you are a dream maker. Some have seen your worst side; others have seen your glamorous side. I have seen all of your sides and I love them all. You always making noise to make sure I know you are there.

And honestly, I'm glad because I know I'm not truly alone. When others come over you always seem to pull out your best and brightest looks, Which I can't lie makes me a little jealous. But then again I feel sorry those dudes cause they never get to see the beauty of your all natural look. We have been together all my life but I didn't truly notice you until I was fifteen.

 That's when I truly realize how beautiful you were in the years we've grown. Unfortunately, I looked and dated a different girl not realizing what I had in you. But when my relationship went south you were there for me with open arms and realized I belonged to this girl.

The first night it was just the two of us I got to see just how beautiful and amazing you were. You had your on best that night and a smile led up the night sky we sit under. I was so taken back by you that all I could say was Wow. And that's when I knew I loved you.

 There was never a truly a dull moment cause you were always so diverse and down for almost anything. When it came to buying stuff you had some pretty expensive taste but you were awesome at understanding the needs of a brother's wallet to find some cheaper stuff around.

 No matter where we went we always manage to meet some interesting and strange people. But at the end of the day, it was the two of us once again. We got into so many major fights over stupid things mostly because of my selfishness & arrogance.

 Some of those times I was close to leaving you but I could never truly bring myself because I loved you. You gave me my first taste of the art world and I thank you for that. Recently you have given me more opportunities but I was too scared to act on them cause I thought I was whack.

 But you kicked my ass and told me I was full of shit. That it was time stop the crap and become the man you see in me. You looked at me and told me I should see what else is out there. That I should go without you to see what I can truly do.

 So soon I plan to leave to see what is out there for myself but don't worry I'm coming back to you cause you know I love you. Basically, this is a letter to let you know how I feel. Well, you know I've always been horrible with showing my true self. So I wrote this so there is no doubt in your mind.


I love you, New York

Forever and always,

Your Love

Poem Lets just pretend

4/24/2019 Story:Let's just  pretend

by: Anonymous


Let’s just pretend for a second, that you and I didn’t have a fight.

That you didn’t run out of my apartment in tears.

That I didn’t just watch you from my window speed off in your car in the heavy rain.

That I didn’t receive a phone call at 4 in the morning telling me there was an accident.

That I didn’t feel so guilty to not go to your funeral and face your friends and family.

That I didn’t hang myself and left a note explaining why it was my fault.

Let’s just pretend for a second, that when you told me you were pregnant I was excited instead.

Story Untitled

5/08/2019 Story: Untitled

by: Shawn Redman


It was only suppose to be a fling, she did not want to break up a happy home. As she sat in the darkness of the basement tied to a chair and wondered how it got this far. The unbearable smell of rot filled the entire basement as she tried to get lose from her restrains. She recalled back to the events that lend to this. When she moved to the city and got her first job as a secretary, she was excited to see where this will lend her. Her boss was a very charming man with a wife and two children admired by almost all his employees. He helped her to get accustomed with the job and the city. Unfortunately her living expenses were a little too much for her to handle. She started to harder work to get a rise at work but her expenses came faster than her pay did. She was desperate and decided to seduce her boss. He resisted at first but soon he gave into his lust. She gave him her body, he gave her his money. Unfortunately he soon became obsessed with her. Her body wasn’t enough he wanted to keep her for himself. She explained how she didn’t want a relationship and how he should think of his family but he didn’t take no for an answer. He left her presents at work, long pleading text messages, even visited her apartment. She quit the job and decided to move back home. On her way back to her apartment she was grabbed from behind. She tried to escape her attacker’s grasp but was knocked out. When she came too she sat in darkness tied to a chair. A light flickered on to reveal her ex-boss whose face was covered in scratches and clothes in blood. She begged for him to let her go but refused as he said they can be together now. She told him he had a family to think about. He stepped to the side and pointed to a bloody tart that seemed to have 3 bodies underneath. He let her know that will longer be a problem. She screamed and struggled to get out of the chair. No one heard her as he turned the light off and the screams stopped.

Story piano

5/08/2019 Story: Piano

by: Shawn Redman


I have lived alone in this apartment for twelve years with only the music from my piano to keep me company. Each night I play before bed to ease my mind but not tonight. Why do you ask?  After I finish playing someone started to applause my perform from across the room. As I said I leave alone and I’m too scared to turn from the piano.  The applause seemed to have gone from across the room to right behind me. 

Poem Love Note

6/05/2019 Story: Love Note

by: Anonymous

I don’t know what being in love is like. It’s this feeling that has always escaped me. Even when it comes to my family and friends I can say I like and respect them but love…; I don’t honestly think so. I mean I’ve seen movies where boy meets girl, boy and girl share interest but the universe cock blocks. Then boy and girl try harder till -bam!- the universe rewards them for being persistent. That is in the movies though, unfortunately, life rarely works that way. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been in some relationships. Most of them scared me away from wanting to be with someone else. Simply put it those girls were crazy with K, not even a c. I don’t think I can really say that is the reason I don’t know what love is but it didn’t help. Love is a confusing to understand but who knows maybe one day I will. 

8/14/2019 Story: Remembrance

Feature Kehinde 1

by: Kehinde Charles-Pedro


Time is a fast pacing moving flow of energy. There is nothing in this world at this current moment that can change back the flow of time. The understanding of time is what we human beings connect to in order to find a deeper meaning of what life means. The energy of time runs deep in every human’s vein. It is only a matter of time before our time is up. But now you ask yourself this question what does the title Remembrance  has to do with time? Well now let’s take a trip. Remember when there was nothing in this void and then BAM!.  Lights in the skies, planet’s far and wide. That is when time was born. Mankind was thus introducing into this world  and the change of human evolution  was born. Time itself was introduce from past, present, and future but little do we know  we human beings are time itself. We are its physical form. A form that exceeds the understanding of time but yet we use the value in many different ways. When time begins to move forward we see the past is no longer part of our time but merely it is in our veins, in our body. We carry the timeline itself every day 24/7 night and day. History is not the past but more or less it is who we are. The recollection of events that take place over time form a shield that keep us from reaching too far into understanding of time. But yet I said we are its physical form we exceed the understanding of time. So yet why would time hold us back? Are we gods? Do we hold the inner power of everlasting youth? Maybe we do maybe we don’t. But we know all too well that we have expiration date hanging above our heads. And the flow of time directs itself in a line, we are in line going towards one direction and that direction is to move forward. When war breaks out, when the government fails, when humankind begins to turn a blind eye on it issues. The timeline itself has a breaking point, a crack that needs to be restored. What do we do now? Time has stopped. It no longer moving but sitting waiting to move forward once again. Issues overtime begin to take root but the timeline slowly moves forward crying for the peace to come back. But yet we has human begin using the word time as means of control or to get a point across. But in that single moment time waits for us to move forward. Time wants us to be at our glory moment in life the peak of what we human beings call our “finest moment”. It is who we are you can’t deny it. In one hand you have your soul and in other hand you have time itself. We are all born from God’s image. But yet when you mix the two together both the essence of time and your soul are one the same. We are born from time itself. However time is the joker, a wild card if you want to call that way. It has a way of changing fate changing the way we live our lives. Regarding the mistake you have done and then holding on to it doesn’t make time flow forward but instead make it flow backwards. The connection we have with time is that of mother and her baby were close bonded to each other. But when you’re left with so much doubt what can you do? At this current moment I sit in Burger King(03/25/2019 ,11:46am) waiting for my 1pm class. Is time moving forward? Is time moving backwards? I wonder to myself If I am time why can’t I go back to the most depression days of my life the most encouraging days of life. WHY CAN’T I GO BACK? The simple answer it is too late…That the sad truth. We human begins are akrasia( note from  Aristotle). We are a weak minded race. To earth were the youngest race, to the galaxy were like babies we don’t know any better. But because of we don’t know any better as a matter of fact let me correct myself and say we do know better but we choose to do the wrong thing. All the time can I get an Ahem?! It is simple it not rocket is a matter of understanding our limits of being human. The human mind is yes a very light breakable corrupted toy. And yes I said toy because that is how fallen we human beings have become. Think about it right now look around and think to yourself 20 30 40 50...100 years later(If we can even hold out that long..)  Will the little things we hold true or self-evident to ourselves  will it hold any true value in the future yet to come or will be just dead memory of the past?

Feature Kehinde 2

8/14/2019 Story: A World Where Words Have True Meaning

by: Kehinde Charles-Pedro


What can I do? I wish for nobody to be alone but yet everyone comes to me with their problems and issues is that all that I’m good for? Words..words the way we use our vocabulary in today’s world doesn’t hold true meaning, it doesn’t come from our very being. I wish for a world that words can actually hold true meaning and not just how you feel. Feels can change just like words but your very core(soul)can’t. In this story, my deep thoughts will be laid to rest but I still cry out for more question than answer.

My mind goes in this hype mood when I want to discover new things and I really wish someone can share the same idea’s with me.  We can go on and on about it maybe work together to find the answer to everything unknown in this world and beyond you know what I mean? I’m probably annoying the hell outta you guy with this sorry. He-he-he-he all my life besides having family, friends, and the father who gave me life; I thank him and praise him. I wanted someone to have a sense of the ideas of these untold secrets looking around seeing the untold truth about this world and beyond. But growing I never had friends as I have now. I was always counted as the weird one and always bullied base on my looks. It wasn’t fun sitting around sharing this idea and thought alone by myself. But at the same time that is what kept me from being sad you know? It was like a rush. Yea social media and everything is fun. Relationships, family hangouts and etc are fun. But when you look at it. What are you to the world other than what you are to other people. That is what we have to ask ourselves but we don’t really need to be honest. You can say yes you do but if you really believe so then how come we are fighting’s wars, mass killings etc..Yup. But hey hey it my own opinion..feel me? I can’t really say for sure if everyone really thinks like that. But we seriously have to set aside the social media bull crap, the stupid challenges see, the name-calling and really think to ourselves. WHO THE FUCK ARE WE TO THIS WORLD?! Yea sure we may be human but we have to go deeper than that. He-he, I know you probably never met someone like this before huh? It is crazy but this is the reality in the way which we call home. I may be young and starting a new life. But living life to fullest doesn’t really mean fucking women, making money, having a family, posting stupid shit on social media, getting rich and doing stupid stuff. Yea doing those things is what we live for but that is not all the case here. The mere facts being you have to grab the world in the palm of your hand and yell in your heart and to the world “LOOK HERE I WILL BREAKDOWN EVERY SECRET YOU HAVE TO OFFER NO MATTER THE COST AND IF I DIE TRYING I WILL MAKE SURE SOMEONE WILL TAKE UP MY PLACE AND EXPOSE YOU AND WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE WE WILL USE THESE CODES TO BUILD THE WORLD INTO A PLACE WE CAN ACTUALLY CALL HOME FOR ONCE.” Yeah sure, you can say I want to be a singer or dancer; so I can make people happy and help people feel better. But that all too easy anyone can reach that goal with the right skill set behavior grades in school. It is easy I won’t say it easy to become one but it easy to be said and done. Do you feel me? But what we really have to achieve is something much more than being a singer, dancer, or basketball player is breaking the codes to the unknown and finding peace through it. We may have governments and presidents controlling our way of life in some form or fashion but it is not always the right way to do so. People think the government is in control of everything and yes that may be true. But if we the human race are what makes up this world, not power, not laws, not a cell phone, not social media or money. It is the human race. Religious beliefs and practice in this day in age and forever is hopefully yes. But what is the point of you living your life while having this technology or a brain to use if you just waste it on pointless 24/7 crap and the heartbreak. I want to build a world with my very own hands, a world where the truth of this earth and it wonderful things can be actually be put to good use for once. But not when we're destroying other people lives and having people live on the streets. Classing each other by low middle high and 1%. It is not fair not at all. Wars shouldn’t be fought in the place we call home there is too much death already happening every second of the day. Were such incomplete beings.Which is very sad for me to say. But we can’t put one foot forward and two-foot back because if we do so we are only dooming our world in the end. In a dream had my father told me “Son the way to change the world and find the unknown truth is to have HT” (Heart and Trust)? Having the heart to make sure you don’t fall back then and knowing we all have each other at heart no matter the the the downplay is the first step to re-creating a world with peace. Trust is the second part we must find it not in ourselves but only in each other..take a look around each other and honestly think deeply. You must ask yourself we are all human here we all think differently but yet. We all live together, don’t we? We all share one blue planet we call home, don’t we? Which begs the question can I trust this person? If the world comes to an end and we the human race must come as one any beef we had with each and relationship that has been playing anything that we have done to each if it all comes down to saving the world even if we don’t know each other.Can we really all trust each other one?Yes...but it all ends with wars ending when killing each other over senseless crap ends. It all ends when we can look at each other in the eye and say no matter how far the world may tear us apart I will always trust me, human brothers and sisters. Depression GAD we must all fight this battle as one to help one another. If we want to save our home.

Sekhnment Feature Poem

9/25/2019 Story: Poetry

by: Ink of Sekhmet

I remember the day clearly
When the strongest person I knew,
One who represented peace and clarity,
A ship holding strong against the hardest-blowing hurricanes
Without warning, broke in twain,
Their lively eyes crossing over to the land of the dead.
And while one person, without hesitation
Chased you to the ends of the Earth
I stood there, frozen,
Thinking selfishly how I was once again abandoned
Just like so many times before
in an endless circular prophecy.

Those of us remaining gathered together days later
Speculating where you could be,
But you had vanished without a clue,
Never stopping to say goodbye
To even your closest friends.
On the jungle gym, we sat in an unbroken circle
Trying to sift through every grain of sand
Without even a metal detector
For the treasure we seeked.
Eventually, we parted ways;
I was determined to go on my own quest.
To find you myself and ask “Why?”

With unsteady strides, I traversed to a beautiful city
Filled with lanterns everywhere
And saw our peers laughing together
In the midst of a private joke.
I instantly grew angry;
How could they be jolly and merry
When you were out there, lost
In a place without light?
I stayed the night at an inn
Where an old friend was waiting,
Feeling guilty at the privilege of my cot
While you were in a place much colder.

I survived off of what I could forage,
Living off the generosity of kind souls
With love to spare.
Passing by gorgeous mountains,
lovely little homes with cute little chimneys
With the stars guiding my way
The pain of losing you became less each day,
My heart slowly mending itself.
I was at peace with simple memories
Of the times we laughed
And when we huddled near the flames
To ward off the demons inside.

Finally, I reached my place of origin
The town of the man I called Father.
He was no longer there,
But his cottage was by a beach
Silhouetted by the sunset,
A place that even I, a vagabond
Could consider a home.
The inviting sounds of the waves crashing
Overcame sorrow, hunger, even fear.
Never before has solitude felt so comforting.
I walked into the sea
For a baptism of the soul.

And as I stared into the water,
I realised I found exactly who I was looking for all along.


11/21/2019 Story: Weeping Willow part 1

Anchor 1

by: Shawn Redman


 There had been many theories about how she had been murdered and they all were wrong. As I sat at the back of the ambulance in a blanket and watched the cops put the shredded remains of  Claire into a body bag. It seemed like her body scattered all over the campsite. Still, this wasn't even the strangest part of the weekend. I'm not sure if you'll believe my recounts I barely believed them but this the truth. My friends and I wanted to get away from the city to the quiet peace of the forest.

 There were four of us, Jane the social media queen who tried to find the best selfie or inspirational quotes to post.  Mary the workaholic who wanted that corner office before she turned 30. Claire the mother figure of our group who went Mama hawk in someone messed with us. Then there is me, Jen, the youngest who wanted to figure her life out.

We are all in Mary's car as she drove us to the campsite. We had been on the road for two hours and we all were restless but Mary did not want to pull over. "Mary, come on just stop for a second so we can stretch our legs," Jane said.

"No, I said we were going to be at the park by noon. And if we keep at this pace will make," Mary said. Jane sighed as she dramatically threw her hands up in the air.

" Not everything needs to be one an airtight schedule, Mary," Jane said.

"Yeah and not everything needs to be a drunken decision and a morning of regret," Mary replied with a smug grin. Jane shot a nasty glare in her direction. Claire leaned from the back seat toward the front where they were.

"Cut it out. I want no more of this passive-aggressive shit on the trip. You understand?" Claire said in her stern mother voice. Jane and Mary nodded in unison as they both looked a little shook. Claire always had that effect on us, to stop arguments or nonsense anyone started. She leaned back and turned her head to face me. "You okay, Jen?" She asked. She always checked up on me the most, because of how shy I was. I'm thankful she always does because it helped after my father died.

"Yeah but I can really use a break," I said. Jane let out a loud ha as I can see Mary roll her eyes in the rearview mirror.

"Fine I saw a sign for a rest stop in a few miles," Mary said.

"Thank you, Jen," Jane said as she blew me a kiss. After 5 minutes we see the rest stop and get off at the exit. We all got out of the car to see the old '70s looking dinner next to a gas station that seemed a day away from falling apart.

"Okay 15 minutes and no longer," Mary said as she set the timer on her watch.

"Yes, colonel," Jane said while she did a salute with a smirk. Mary glared at Jane as her smirk faded quickly. "Sorry," She said. Mary walked toward the gas station booth now she appeared a little ticked off. Jane pulled out a cigarette and lid it with her Zippo lighter.

 "The hell is her problem?"

I spotted the restrooms and was making my way over to them. As I walked I noticed from the diner an old woman had been staring at me. She had looked like she was 60 or older with short silver-white hair, an ugly Christmas sweater. I could not tell from how dirty the windows were but it seemed like she had pitch-black eyes. The woman raised her hand and gestured for me to come closer. I didn’t want to but for some odd reason, I started walking to towards the diner. I tried to stop but my feet kept moving towards that beckoning hand.

“Jen?” someone said as they placed their hands on my shoulders. I immediately stopped as I turned my head to see Claire. “ Is everything okay? You seemed like you were in a daze there.” She said in a concerned tone. I turned back to the diner to see the old woman was longer there at the window. Claire then looked up to see what I had been staring at. “Do you want to get something to eat?”

“No, no was just admiring the retro design,” I said as I started make my way back to the bathroom.

"Okay hurry up or Mary will leave us to stay on her schedule.” I used the bathroom and headed to the car where everyone is already in. As I got in I seemed the tension between Mary and Jane hasn’t settled down yet. As soon as I buckled my seat belt Mary sped off to the road.

“ Jesus bitch, are you trying to kill us?!” Jane asked

“The sun will set soon and I want to at least be at the campsite,” Mary said. Jane sighed then crossed her arms in acceptance as she stared out the car window. As the drive continued and everyone was in their own world. Mary whispered to herself as we drove and Jane with her earplugs in listened to The Runaways Cherry Bomb. Claire was asleep while I counting the trees at the side of the road.

Then I noticed in the tree line there was a figure. It seemed to be human as we passed it. “Did you see that?” I asked.

Mary looked at me from the rearview mirror and asked: “ See what, Jen?”

“Nothing,” I respond. I went to looking back out the window. As I counted the trees again, I saw a figure in the tree line again a little bit closer. This time I can tell it was a small woman. I turned to see if anyone else in the car noticed this time but everyone was still doing their own thing. When I faced the window again the woman was closer almost at the side of the road.

As I saw here then I realized it was the woman from the diner but she seemed different as we passed her. I began to get a little unease but did not want to start a commotion. For all, I knew this could be all in my head. As I faced the window this time the old woman was at the window as she appeared clanged to the side of the car. Her silver-white hair had branches in it. her Christmas sweater was now a faded and ragged. She smiled to reveal a sharp-pointed Yellow and black teeth.

I screamed as Mary nearly swerved off the road. Claire woke up confused, as Jane pulled out her earplugs and face the back seats. “What the hell happened?” she asked. Claire turned to with a look of concern on her face. Mary parked the car to the side of the road.  

“Jen, are you okay?” Claire said as she tried to comfort me.

“I’m sorry I thought I saw something,” I said still a little shook.

“What, What did you see?” Claire asked as everyone in the car stared at me.

“I don’t know I was half asleep. I’m sorry guys.” I said now embarrassed. Jane sigh as Mary started the car again visibly annoyed.

“Listen we are almost at the camp. Can we tried to no more incidents?” Mary asked

“Yeah sorry,” I said as I sunk into my seat. I looked at Claire and she smiled at her. I just wanted to go home at that point. We finally arrived at the campsite which was surprisingly empty for the weekend. Mary and Jane got out of the car first, as I was about to get out Claire stopped me.

“Jen, what happened back there?” She asked.


“I know you, kid. You can talk to me if you need too.” She said. I hesitated as I know how crazy it would sound. “Is it because of the inci-” A knock came at the car window on Claire’s side that made us both jump. It was Jane.

“ This shit isn’t going to unpack itself you knock,” she said. Claire looked back at me and shrugged. She got out of the to help the others. I sighed as I got out of the car. When I closed the door I realized five scratch marks on the side of the car. I felt scratches and could tell they were new.

New Story

01/06/2021 Poem: Hallucinations and Father

By: Lee Ann Rivera

Rated: A 

One day, at seven or eight years old

A little girl with braids walked with her pale faced, haggard, thin mother

To her grandmothers house;

She saw two older boys briefly 

While the abuela Rivera stood by the door,

Stiff as a board, silently overseeing every move.

One she realized was familiar,

As he was in her neighborhood 

And was disgustingly acting increasingly more weirdly flirtatious

By the way, the little girl was me.

I blocked his ass all the way to next Tuesday

At the age of 20.

His spirit was the psychotic angry man

Who nearly murdered my own brain

Through his jealous anger and rage.

The other presence was a familiar man from Lowell, Massachusetts

That she saw with her ex boyfriend,

Who, by the way, was also a piece of shit.

Now I fully know why the Puerto Rican flag

Was proudly displayed in his room

While his two children acted cute and nervous

Playing Plants vs. Zombies with them.

Now I know why I no longer belong in that broken city state

Where in retrospect, I missed their Buddhist style generosity 

Of their generous portions and alcohol.

Now I truly believe that my father had a ritual Satanic sacrifice

And that was my immortal soul,

For even my medical records can't deny

That both of my parents were addicted to drugs

And that my grandmother was my saving grace

Of calling me a little boy Monkey

Where I acted like a demonic animal

And fought all my life and slept.

My father was a true piece of shit indeed,

If my mother left him before I remembered his presence and evil aura.

Maybe I was never innocent.

Perhaps being born as a monster and screaming in Aztec style rage

Was my ultimate purification ritual.

God couldn't save me.

The Devil is not my way.

So what am I but a collection of broken parts

Sacrificed by both the convention and the music scene 

As an offering for a truly angered spirit 

To arise in a blaze of glory

And eventually her faith will be never to be smothered by too much love

Nor should she deny that the AntiChrist, while tempting initially

Rejected her natural Taino rebellious side

And forced her to cauterize her 666 tramp stamp

On the witching hour

Where she sang a wicked aria condemning him and all the bastards

Who hurt the false God Sekhmet so much

That she died inside my lying whore of a mother

And birthed a new being named Lilith Brujeria.

The worst part is, she had to debase herself 

And even today, Duke Apollo's dark side has not fully calmed down

For there is still a lot of work to do in the mortal realm.

The worst part is, my spiritual age has aged me half a year 

I, Duke Apollo, am a 28 year old halfling between a witch and an animal. 

As Bugs Bunny would say, That's all folks

Lee Karatula has unleashed Hell upon this city

And all of you will rue the day that slut shaming

Became a new epicenter for disaster.

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