The Reckoning

Darryl Campbell

Life is an accumulation of experiences that drives one from birth to  death. A man on a path to regain his honor, Randolph Robinson, is faced  with the set of circumstances he has created for himself. After being a  decorated cop, now he stands a man on the road to redemption after  laundering hundreds of thousands in drug money. Once justice was  served, Sgt. Robinson was relieved of duty and forced to piece together  the jigsaw puzzle his life has become. He will learn that karma kills… eventually.  

With the loss of his career, Randolph is forced to start over from  the bottom. Once an experienced cop, with the dark cloud of his wrong  doings hanging over his head, he is only able to gain employment as a  bus driver for the local jail and bouncer. He lives his life day to day with  his supportive wife, Trishna, standing by his side every step of the way.  Trishna continues to be his motivation to be better despite his past. 

One rainy morning of one of Randolph’s days to drive inmates, he  has his coffee and cigarette, and proceeds to what he thought was just  another day. He takes downs his stale coffee, and takes a long stare at  himself in the mirror. He knows from a hard life something different will  happen today. 

He smokes all the way to work… On the way to the bus he drives,  he exchanges glances with the thugs joining him that day. Three  gruesome looking thugs. And they are just that; thugs. He gets on the  bus, moves all the way to the back, and rests his head against the  window thinking to catch a quick nap before work. He awakens to see  the three thugs staring at him with the C.O. in front. The C.O. wakes him  and gives him a friendly pat on the back. The inmates jeer. How could  they respect that? In an instant, Randolph’s last day of community  service becomes the reckoning he deserves. 

The route is to go from the jail to the court. Apparently the thugs  couldn’t go to the court at the jail because the judge was out that day.  The system always makes it looks like they take care of business, 

however everyone knows it’s jacked up. That’s why you mind “your”  biz. 

Soon, thugs do what thugs do. They hit Randolph over the head  once he gets too comfortable talking about their priors and take the van  for themselves to gain attention and a chase. The ordeal is supposed to  get their sentences dropped. And why not proceed in an orgy of mayhem  down the Texas interstate on the path to Mexico in the process, right? 

Their first target is a service station on the interstate once the fuel  runs out. The thugs agree that they can be wild and free, as well. They  undoubtedly rob the store. One stays behind to steal gas and act as a  lookout. One gets the money and another watches after Randolph. Once  they have the gas, money and assorted hot dogs they move on.  

The gas clerk calls the cops as expected. Randolph sees the gravity  of the situation he has been regrettably forced into. Though woozy from  being hit and scared, he still has a natural fight response. He thinks of a  plan to escape. 

While Randolph thinks of his strategy, the thugs celebrate. With  the bus off the assigned trail, the snitching filler station man, and the bus  swerving a little the thugs get exactly what they want. Soon the cops  catch up to them and the chase begins. 

The police try to call Randolph to negotiate with the inmates, but  the three inmates won’t let him pick it up. It’s Randolph, thinking at the  top of his sorry game, to convince the probationers to pull over to tell the  police what they want because even helicopters are following them now.  The thugs don’t know what to say.  

When Randolph speaks to the inmates because he knows legal talk,  the thugs don’t budge at all. However, they take his advice into  consideration. They smash through more patrol cars to get away. The  damn chase goes on. 

Meanwhile, in the bus, Randolph argues that he has a wife he has  to take care of at home. It’s all he has. The inmates don’t give a rat’s ass  about that, though. Randolph gets super belligerent. He challenges one  to a fight in the van and loses. Punch after punch he misses. He then gets  gets suffocated by a plastic trash bag and overpowered by another. The  car swerves all around from the action. but Ronny keeps things on  course. A helicopter news crew catches the whole cantankerous scene.  Randolph succumbs to the suffocation and dies. 

The police still give chase. The probationers have grown weary of  driving for hours and decide to pull over at an old house. The thugs get  out and shield themselves with Randolph’s body. This is when one thug  makes his ultimatum with the cops; let them go free or reveal how  crooked they were treated in prison. No real protection and bad  medicine. The law finally gives in. For once justice is served.