Here is a list of a few partners that Unbound works with or have worked with.

NYC Arts Avenue 

Arts Avenue NYC runs as the speakeasy for artists, operating in Chelsea/Hudson Yards. We pride ourselves on bringing the Brooklyn vibe to the city as well as creating an intimate setting for guests, visual artists, and musicians to all interact and connect with each other. with that being said, as our motto suggests we operate as a Mock speakeasy in Chelsea,  based in a residential building but operate as a functional Gallery with all the same renovations. 

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Vartes Publishing

VArtes publishing is an NYC based Comics & Content publisher focusing on story-driven and fascinating creator-owned content ranging from Comics & Art to original shorts and Video Games that not only promotes our brand but adds different dimension and depth to the art of world-building in a new way. 

Collaborative Conscious

Vision: To reimagine a modern-day version of “It Takes a Village”; by bringing self-sufficiency to our families and forming long-lasting bonds that serve all people.


Mission: Collaborating ideas together to form a conscious emerging idea that benefits the community.


The 5Cs Objectives/Core Values:

1. Starting conversations

2. Making connections

3. Building collaborations

4. Create new ideas

5. Reshape our communities


Aside from my business mission, vision, and core values, I want to the "&" that connects the stories of people in collaborating towards creating new ideas, events, services, products, workshops, etc., that benefit our changing communities.

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