The Story of Dr.Goodweather

Gerardo Casas

Okay, I got a story for you. You know legends like “Candyman” and “Bloody Mary”? Where you tempted fate by calling them? Well, at least you have a choice in the matter, but what if your fate was out of your control? This, my friends, is the story of Dr. Sabastian Goodweather. In the 1950’s, America was very different place and so was Astoria. At a now abandon lot of land, 30-09 21st Street was the offices of Dr. Goodweather, a kind old man with a grey bread and eyes as green as emblems. The good doctor was a local hero because he looked after and treated everyone. Men, women and children, regardless of race and/or wealth. At the time, that was unheard of, remember this was at dawn of the Cold War, at dawn of the Civil Rights movement and some called the 50’s “The Golden Age of Capitalism”, so seeing a doctor like Goodweather being open minded and treating everyone equal was rare thing to see and he was loved by everyone. For a time, life in Astoria was good, but that all changed when the first death happened. At first, no one paid much attention, it was a death of an elderly man, old age finally caught up to him, soon there was another death, then another and another. Before you know it, there was several deaths every week for next four months. Men, women and children of all races were dying left and right and nobody knew why! Later, it was found out that every one of the victims had one thing in common: They are all the patients of Dr. Sabastian Goodweather. The people of Astoria were angry and depended justice from their local police, however the police couldn’t do anything, “no evidence” they said. This angered the people of Astoria even more and that night they would take matters into their own hands. It was 2:30 A.M. on April the 5th 1953, a group of people, friends and families of the victims, storm into Goodweather’s home, dragged him out of bed. They beat him and broke both his arms and legs trying to get a confession out of him, but he never did. He was begging for his life as they tied a noose around his neck and hanged him from a tree nearby, as Goodweather was dying, the people saw something on one of the tree’s branches. It was a crow, not a normal crow, it was crow with white feather and blood red eyes. The most disturbing thing was it made no sound; all it did was look at the people. The crow looked on as they buried the doctor’s body in an unmarked grave. The horrible twist was that the doctor didn’t kill anyone; he was innocent. The real monster was his assistant, Douglas McLoin, he was using the doctor’s good name and giving patients his own special medicine to help them, in reality, he was poisoning them. He was slowly killing what he called “the weak and unless to the community”. McLion believed that the weak needed to die so the strong can live, he became judge, jury and executioner to over hundreds of innocent men, women and children. The police eventually caught him and he was sent to an insane asylum for the horrible crimes he committed. He spent the rest of his days in that asylum. They say he keep screaming the same thing over and over again until the day he dead: “I am the hero, I saved the community, I made you stronger!”. As Goodweather, sadly, no one was charged for his murder and they never found his body. Whether it was because of shame or guilt, the subject of Dr. Goodweather was never brought up. The people of Astoria knew that an innocent man was killed for no reason and may God have mercy on their souls for taking away a pure soul from this earth.

That should have been the end of the story, but there is another twist to this tale of horror. On the very site where Dr. Goodweather lost his life, they built a hospital, one of the best and most advance in the country, only thing unusually about it was its high number of deaths in intense care. Normally, this would not be a cause for concern, however that is not the case. This part of the story comes from my girlfriend’s grandmother, she was in intense care for a while and, by the grace of God, she is better now and able to tell us this story. She said one night as she is trying to sleep, that is when she saw something on her bedframe, a white feather crow with blood red eyes, this crow made no sound and just looked at her. She was about to call for help when she noticed a doctor smiling down at her. Her fear grew as she saw both his arms and legs covered in blood and a noose around his neck. What frighten her the most was his creepy emblem eyes as he leans closer to her and putting a hand on the machine that was keeping her alive. She did hear him say one thing: “I am here to help”, after that her life support started to malfunction, she would have died that night if it wasn’t for a nurse just passing by, she saved her life. After this, my girlfriend’s parent moved her grandmother to a different hospital for her safety. Out of curiosity, I decided to look into this “ghost doctor” story, I asked a few doctors and nurses from the hospital about “ghost doctor”, as soon as I brought up the topic, they refuse to talk to me and it wasn’t before long I was hitting a brick wall after brick wall. Just when I was about to give up, my girlfriend and I were visiting her grandmother at her new home, as we looking through old photo of her youth in Astoria, it was good to see her in high spirits. All of the sudden, she turned paled and started screaming: “That’s him! That’s him!” as she was pointing at an old photo. The photo was of doctor from Astoria. I didn’t think much of it, but I took the photo and tried to identify him and I did. I found a match; his name was Sabastian Goodweather and he was the doctor that visited her that awful night. I soon found out that she was not the only one that saw him. There is a small group, only about eight to ten members the most, they called themselves “The Goodweather’s survivors”, like her, they were lucky to be alive and they all share their stories with me. I notice their stories were all the same, they were in intense care, a white crow that made no sound appeared, creepy emblem eyes, blood covered arms and legs, “I am here to help” and a malfunction life support system. All of them was visited by Dr. Goodweather. In life, Dr. Sabastian Goodweather was good man trying to help out his follow man, in death however, Dr. Goodwearther has become a vengeful spirit, killing those near or close to death. Where you are at your most valuable, that is when he comes to visits you. The worst part of this? The hospital KNOWS about Goodweather’s ghost. They know what is happening and they refuse to do anything about that, saying: “He is not real”, “ghost is bad for business” or “it is all nonsense”. There has been over five thousand of death since that hospital opened in the 80’s, how many of them are Goodweather doing? To be honest, I am afraid to find out.

I always recommend you go to a hospital, if need be, but stay away from the one in Astoria, unless you want a visit from the vengeful spirit of Dr. Sabastian Goodweather.