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The vampire story

Rating: T

Crimson follows the story of Maurice whose life is turned upside down after being bitten and becoming a vampire on one train ride home. Maurice learns of a secret society of vampires in Manhattan that can teach him to adjust to his new abilities while still maintaining his regular life. Unfortunately, his life gets a little tougher as Vampire Hunters bring a new threat to the city.


"Why is this happening?", I thought to myself as I walked through the sea of defeated hunters. I began to finally notice my right arm was in pain, I took a second examine it to realize a large gash. It was deep and looked infected from the hunter's venom but I had no time to treat it. 
Sam's life was in danger with every second that had passed. I ran through the tunnel that leads to the lair. When I finally got out the tunnel, I saw Rebecca on the floor as she clutched to Selena's lifeless body in the midst of the other slaughtered that couldn’t escape the attack.
        "Rebecca are you-"
        "Don't come any closer!", she shouted. She placed Selena body down on the floor and rose up to face me. Tears fell from her eyes as rain as she looked at me with rage. "You did this didn't you, Maurice?”, she said as she pointed to the others on the floor. "You brought the hunters that killed them!" 
    "No Rebecca.”, I said as I started to walk towards her. "I would never-"
"Enough!", she shouted. "You're going to pay for this."
Herfangs came out as her crimson eyes turned to as black as coal. "I swear I'm going to kill you.”, she said as she charged for me.
    Somewhere inside I knew it was also my fault and if I could have I would have let Rebecca tear me to shreds. Unfortunately, Sam's life was on the line and no one could get in my way. I looked at her with my crimson eyes ready to kill!!!

    To be         continued


Unbound story ink


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