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Adventures of Your Imagination
By Anabeh Shahbazian

The smell of fresh lilies that have taken over your mind and flesh is calling you by name, asking for a droplet of love. For a second from the corner of your eye you saw a spark, could that have been a spark of your imagination or something much more explainable?

Growing up in a world of so many wonders being suppressed by the judgment of society, you brush your curiosity away without a second thought. You continue reading about the latest scandal, finding yourself filled with judgments you never truly cared for. Then suddenly once again the spark appears.

Human beings, you and I, are fascinating creatures, are we not? It only takes two tries to grab our attention, to pull us into a new discovery, and yet we as a society have so much left to unravel. Now you can not help but to go over and discover what it is that might cause the spark, you tell yourself to not expect an adventure as it is most probably a reflection of glass or a coin.

As you get closer to it you notice the movement of the spark resembles a familiar dance, it shines differently in places and contains almost every color imaginable. Slowly the spark shapes into a figure only to discover it was not a spark at all, but a little fairy staring up with a curious look on her face. It must be your imagination playing games with you, it must be.

After all, fairies and magic don’t exist. You grew up reading about fairies and loving all the mystically behind the myths that your mother told, but they were just stories, right? Could it be that you have contained your imagination in a little box and put a lock on it? Could it be that for so many years you have put your values in entirely things that society accepts but not what you desire the most?

You heard a jingle of a bell, that is what fairies giggle sounds like, her eyes were glowing all the shades of the rainbow. Her auburn hair was slick like silk, her skin glowing like the moon. The moon who smiles down upon you every night to make sure you are alright, even though you have forgotten to smile back at her as soon as you turned thirteen.

In her hand she held a ladybug, it seemed sad like it was lost. The fairy gave it to you, smiled, and flew out the window. It was your responsibility now to give it a home, the lilies felt inviting, after all, who wouldn't want to live in a lily.

You placed the ladybug inside a lily, it looked at you with a look of content, it was as if it was saying thanks.

You have not only given a lost ladybug a home but you were reminded of the wonders that the world holds, the shades of grey, and the unexplained in the midst of the black and white world we live in. You must break the box in which you have imprisoned your imagination, and allow it to go on a mystical adventure as you have stumbled on today.