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Fangs a lot
by J. Phillip

A young maiden journeyed through the town’s empty cobbled streets. Officers did not patrol or rescue anyone after sunset when the creatures emerged. The sheriff ordered a strict dusk curfew, those who broke it placed their life into their own hands.

The light of the full winter moon in a clear sky revealed a boulevard with run-down, depilated buildings. In the past, it had been a vibrant place, until the infestation of evil arrived. Now the avenues were lined with abandoned shops shuttered and closed with wooden boards.

The girl walked briskly with purpose. Her short figure pushed forward into the darkness. A blue tunic with a hood wrapped around her petite body. Curly, auburn locks cascaded past her shoulders. An oil lantern assisted her progress, she held it out with one arm, causing the shadows to shrink away in front of her. She scanned the environment looking out for any hints of danger.

As she turned a street corner, she skidded to a stop.

A tall, dark figure wearing a long, flowing cape, stood on the other side of the avenue. His inky black hair was combed as if he had two small curled horns sticking up from each side of his head. The figure noticed her presence. He moved toward her, slightly floating above the ground. He stopped in front of her, setting his heavy leather boots back down onto the stone pathway.

“Vell, vell, vell, vhat do ve have here? A townsperson not heeding the varnings. The night brings great peril to those not obeying the curvew.” His pale face smiled a wide grin with long toothy fangs. He bent down studying her dainty frame with glittering red eyes.

“Agreed. You should get yourself inside. Things out here can get quite dangerous,” the maiden replied loudly as she set the lantern on the ground.

“Vhat are you doing?” He shrugged his shoulders. Typically, his prey would be running away in crazed terror about now.

The girl reached inside her tunic and pulled out a wooden cross. She yanked a silver cap from the bottom, revealing it had a sharpened point.

“You made a mistake crossing the street!” She firmly clutched the item, thrusting it toward the vampire’s face.

“Vhat is happening?” The creature recoiled, confused by her bold actions. Ivory claws emerged from his dark sleeves. His hands trembled in a questioning manner. As he stepped back, he realized another person had maneuvered to stand behind him. He had been distracted by the girl; he had not noticed another individual in the vicinity.

“Maria, is your new friend thirsty? Padre Diego blessed me with some water. I can share it with him.”

The vampire turned his head to see a mirror image of the girl behind him.  The twin held a glass bottle. She uncorked the container, then shook it toward the vampire sending a stream of liquid toward him.

“No, no!” the dark creature lifted his cape to cover his face.

The holy water splashed all over the vampire’s body, drenching it. The creature slowly disintegrated into sulfurous steam.

Maria walked to join her sister, Marta, watching and waving at the melting monster as he disappeared into the air. “Goodbye, you will be mist.”